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information represents one of the most important elements in its operation, it is handled in a confidential manner and protected with several internal administration processes aimed to maintain the security of it. In witness whereof, as a vacational services provider, through the present privacy notice RIC reiterates that all information concerning your person (hereinafter Personal Data) will be handled with absolute confidentiality and that all obtaining, use, disclosure, as its storage (hereinafter treatment) is only performed with the purpose of (I) enable the communication for services purchase, (II) give compliance of the obligations derivative from the legal relationship that exists between you and RIC, (III) to comply with the applicable legislation, (IV) clients reception of payments under the terms of services contracts, (v) provide technical support to you as the customer about services of RIC, (VI) provide support about the technological services offered to you as the customer, (VII) give attention and follow-up to your requests and to the services that RIC provide, including satisfaction surveys, (VIII) inform you about new services that RIC offers or may offer in the future, and (IX) with statistical, financial, administrative or quality purposes. Therefore, from the time that gives us your consent RIC would maintain in its records, both physical and electronic, all information that has been provided by you through any means put at your disposal by RIC in order to obtain your personal data. It is important to make you acknowledge that RIC will refrain at all times from sell or rent your personal data to any third party. Therefore, we make knowledge that the responsible of the Personal Data Treatment collected from you in terms of the present privacy notice will be ROAM IN CABO, with address located at Camino Viejo a San José Mz 2 Lote 18, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, CP 23453. Therefore, through the present privacy notice, RIC makes you acknowledge that, as part of its concern of adequate treatment and care of the personal data, maintains several mechanisms, procedures and security measures administrative, technical and physical aimed at the protection of such information against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use. It is worth to mention that as part of such mechanisms and security measures RIC has held with employees, suppliers, service providers and related parties, various confidentiality agreements, which commits them to a proper treatment of your personal data and to comply with the terms contained in this privacy notice.

In terms of the Federal law for protection of personal data in possession of private individuals published in the Diario Oficial de la Federation, on July 05, 2010 (the Law), RIC has internally designated the ATTENTION AREA FOR PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION as responsible to process requests that you or anyone interested may have, from January 6TH 2012, in terms of the referred Law, as well as be responsible for monitoring the proper treatment of your personal data, in terms of this privacy notice. Camino Viejo a San José Mz 2 Lote 18, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, CP 23453, México Ph. (624)355-3247/(624)355- 3281 Therefore, any request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, as well as any clarification, updating of your personal data or revocation of your consent should be directed to the ATTENTION AREA FOR PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA, through the personal data attention formulary; for this you must send an email to the address:, requesting the corresponding form, or physically at RIC location, which has been previously stated. It is essential to clarify, in terms of the applicable law, that in order for RIC to process any request that in terms of the privacy notice you or anyone interested submit, the data owner should comply with the requirements described in articles 29, 31 and others applicable from the same Law. RIC also wishes to inform you through this privacy notice that eventually, exclusively in order to fulfil the purposes mentioned in this document, may transfer some of your personal data to third parties, such as, in a declarative way, suppliers, services providers or related companies; this data transfer will be done with appropriate security measures, in accordance with the principles contained in the Law. Finally, RIC reserves the right to modify this privacy notice, and it makes you acknowledge that any change or modification to its content will be communicated in a timely manner through its website, or through some other means of communication we have with you.

EXPRESS CONSENT OF PRIVACY NOTICE In this Act, I stated that I know and understand in its entirety the content, the aims and the scope of the privacy notice that RIC counts with for the legal relationship with me, for what I give my full express consent so that RIC performs the treatment including, when appropriate, the disclosure of my Personal Data under the terms of this privacy notice.



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